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WOW Factor: A Nappuccino can help you take advantage of that 2 o’clock workday slump and successfully rebound for Round 2 of your day.

What You Need To Know: A Nappuccino is a 25 minute break where you slug a cup of coffee and then take a short nap. The nap should be between 10-20 minutes – which is the ideal amount of time to avoid grogginess. When you wake up, the caffeine is just starting to hit your bloodstream (which takes around 25 minutes).

How To Take A Nappucino

Voila, you’re ready for Round 2 of your day.

Daniel Pink’s Nappuccino

Detailed by New York Times Best-Selling Author Daniel Pink in his book “When”, the Nappuccino may be the best thing for biohackers since bulletproof coffee.

But all biohacking jokes aside, the Nappuccino is a pretty nifty concept – and it’s grounded in science. According to Pink, who has studied circadian rhythms extensively, as humans we all go through various peaks, troughs, and rebounds throughout our respective days. These swings affect our mood, energy, and cognitive abilities throughout the course of the day.

Importantly, the timing of when you experience these ‘mood’ swings, depends on your individual chronotype, or circadian rhythm. Knowing your individual chronotype: I.e., if you are an early riser (who peaks in the morning and troughs midday); an owl (who burns the midnight oil); or a third-bird (who’s somewhere in-between); is the first step to taking a proper Nappuccino.

This is because you want to take your Nappuccino during your trough period. Once you know when your trough period is (I.e., when your energy and productivity level plummets during the day), you can set up your Nappuccino accordingly.

How To Take A Nappuccino

How To Take A Nappuccino - Daniel Pink

Here’s our nine step guide on how to take Daniel Pink’s Nappuccino:

  1. Wait until your trough period.
  2. Make coffee.
  3. Slug said coffee.
  4. Sit or lie down in a cozy, dark place.
  5. Set your alarm for 25 minutes.
  6. Fall asleep (hopefully this takes 5-9 minutes).
  7. Nap (hopefully for 10-16 minutes: the ideal time to avoid grogginess).
  8. Wake up at sound of alarm (when caffeine is stating to hit your bloodstream).
  9. Slay round 2 of your day.
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