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The global pandemic has affected all of our lives, and even for those lucky enough to stay home with their loved ones – it may have brought an increase in anxiety and stress. The good news is that, if you are at home during this time, there are products especially designed to increase your sense of calm, focus, and well-being.

Whispr CBD morning ritual

Essential Elixirs

One of our favorite purveyors of these calm-inducing elixirs is Whispr. Whispr is a wellness company headquartered in sunny southern California. As their name suggests, their products contain all-natural formulas elevated with CBD grown on organic farms in Colorado. Unlike other CBD companies, they have kept their product line simple and elevated: making only one product within each vertical of use.

For example, they make only one tincture (which contains 250mg of organic hemp oil), one roll-on (topical CBD ointment), one pack of bath bombs (which contains 50mg of CBD), and most recently, hand sanitizer (which comes in packs of 2,3,5, & 10 – each infused with 50 mg of CBD).

whispr CBD full spectrum hemp oil tincture

Beauty in Simplicity

The company employs ultra sleek design to add to the simplicity of their products – as the name Whispr suggests, the company prefers to let their organic, full spectrum formulas do all the talking.  A bonus is that these are products we don’t mind leaving out around the house –as they add a certain sense of calm and sophistication to a nightstand or coffee table arrangement.

Hemp-Infused Rituals

But more than the design of these products, is how they make you feel as you go throughout your day. Everyone is different, but in general, CBD has been shown to help people feel more calm and less anxious. And in these uncertain times, who wouldn’t want more of that?

Below are two new rituals we’ve been using to bookend our days at home: a homemade hemp-infused latte in the morning and a relaxing hemp-infused bath at night.  

AM: Homemade Bulletproof Latte

Bulletproof coffee is a great way to start your day. Packed with nootropics and immune-boosting ghee, a bulletproof latte can help to boost your mood, energy, and kickstart your metabolism.

To add CBD to your morning routine, simply sub out the MCT oil for your desired dose of CBD. Whispr’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains MCT, Grape Seed, and Avocado Oils so it works in the place of (or alongside) MCT oil.

WOW Tip: Because CBD can make you drowsy, it is best to start with a small amount and work your way up.

Bulletproof coffee with CBD

Homemade Bulletproof Coffee with Hemp Oil


  • 8-12oz. of freshly brewed coffee
  • 1-3 tsp. grass-fed ghee
  • 1 serving Whispr Hemp Oil
  •  2 tsp. of pure MCT oil (optional)

Method: Place all ingredients into a blender. Blend until frothy. Enjoy in your favorite mug.

WOW Tip: We like to top our homemade Bulletproof latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg for added anti-inflammatory benefits.

PM: Hemp-Infused Bath

There are so many reasons to draw a warm bath at the end of a long day.  From the health benefits you receive – to the mood elevating ritual of layering your favorite salts, oils, and aromas in a beautiful cocoon of water.

Taking a warm bath is one of the healthiest and most satisfying ways to wind down and de-compress. It can also result in better sleep, better blood flow and circulation, and provide relief for sore muscles.

Whispr CBD Snowball Bath Bombs

Below we’ve laid out our hemp-infused bath ritual that will help to bring you back to neutral after a long day at home.

1. Draw a bath -but make sure the water is not too hot. 

 While it’s tempting to raise the heat, making sure the temperature of the bath water doesn’t exceed your own body temperature is crucial to avoid irritating or drying out your skin. 

2. Toss in a Hemp-Infused “Snowball”.

These aren’t just any CBD bath bombs, these are all-natural, essential oil infused bombs of joy. Made with their signature full spectrum hemp oil and a blend of therapeutic essential oils, Whispr’s “Snowball” Bath Bombs elevate bath time with warming scents of citrus, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and star anise. 

3. Light some candles.  

Set your relaxation intention with the flattering glow of candlelight. We prefer hand-poured candles made with coconut & soy wax.

4. Put your hair in a chic turban.

Not only does a cute hair turban elevate your #goddess vibes – its good for your hair too. Keep your hair dry and frizz free by wrapping it up in a turban before jumping in the tub. 

5. Grab your favorite read. 

Even 15 minutes of reading can help to lower your heart rate, ease muscle tension, and help you sleep better. Bath time is the perfect time to grab your favorite book – even if you only read a couple of pages.

6. Massage your temples.

Treat yourself to a mini spa experience with Whispr’s chic Hemp-Roll On. This little baby is perfect for massaging onto your temples while you relax in the tub. A couple small circles and presto, you can help to ease the tension in your forehead and jaw.

The products mentioned in this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; results may vary; the information provided does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such.

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