WOW Winter Rituals: The Perfect Morning Routine

WOW Rituals are all about taking the time to nurture yourself throughout your daily life. Our rituals are mini routines intended to help you build systems and boundaries into your day that allow you reach your full potential. Our rituals attempt to do this without compromising a sense of ease and gratitude. You can think of our ritual guides as another tool you can access on your journey to living your best life. And our perfect winter morning routine is no exception.

perfect winter morning routine ritual

Customize Your Morning Routine For Each Season

Unlike spring and summer – which are all about ‘blooming’, growing, and productivity -winter is a time for rest and replenishment. A restful and reflective winter season can help you recharge your batteries and set the foundation for a productive and fruitful spring.

We love this grounding warming morning routine to help us slow down and savor the small things before we start our day. A grounding morning ritual can also help set the foundation for a mindful and intentional day.

Setting The Day With Intention

Much like a morning meditation or yoga practice, a ritual can set the tone for mere observance of obstructing thoughts or behaviors (which can come from yourself or those closest to you) rather than reaction. The power of observing these tiny obstructions – and just being aware of them – versus reacting to them is a critical distinction.

This slight change in perception can mean the difference between accomplishing your goals for the day or…not.

A grounding morning ritual also reminds us that we are capable of doing things mindfully and with intention. Further, the simple act of taking care of your self first -first thing in the morning – sets the tone for making positive choices throughout the day.

The Perfect Winter Morning Routine

For mornings when we are craving a little extra self-care and intention, we love to start our day with this warming and grounding ritual.

Set your alarm for 5 A.M.

morning routine ritual

The simple act of waking up before the sun rises (or before others in your house wake-up) can help you get a head-start on the world – and feel like you have enough time to take a whole hour (or two) for yourself before starting the day. There is also an indelible calm that is present before the sun rises. This momentary calm represents a unique moment in time where all you have to do is…anything you want.

Drink a glass of warm water with lemon.

hot lemon water benefits

During the winter months, a simple cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon is both comforting and refreshing. The simple act of making yourself a cup of hot lemon water is a healthy choice that helps to balance your body’s pH and contains Vitamin C. Making a healthy choice first thing in the morning helps to set the tone for making healthy choices throughout your day.

Take a warm shower with essential oils.

Taking a warm shower helps to wake up your body in the most enjoyable way possible. Placing a few drops of an essential oil on the floor of your shower or tub can enhance feelings of ease and relaxation. We love the Altitude oil from facialist Annee de Mamiel’s thoughtfully crafted skincare line. The warmth and steam from the warm water also helps makes your skin more supple and receptive to the serums and lotions you apply at the start of your day.

Light candles and put on an inspiring pod cast.

morning routines and rituals

Instead of hurrying about and getting ready as quickly as possible – turn your bedroom or bathroom into a spa-like space by lighting delicious smelling candles and putting on an inspirational podcast. The soft lighting is supremely flattering – helping to curb potential self-judgment. While listening to the story or advice of an inspiring woman helps to put your ‘problems’ or stresses into perspective. We love these candles by Sundays Forever for a warm and luxurious scent.

Think about how lucky you are.

morning ritual positive thoughts

Whether it’s your beautiful eyes, your gorgeous skin, your intelligence, your curiosity, your intuition, your dog or cat, or simply the fact that you have ten functional fingers and toes, take a small inventory of all the wonderful things you already have.

Give yourself a mini facial.

how to do a facial massage

Rather than thinking of your daily skincare routine as a chore – take joy in applying each serum and moisturizer. Practice using small upward strokes and mini circles to treat yourself to your own facial massage. Facial massage promotes circulation and encourages nutrients to absorb into the skin. It can also show you where you hold tension in your face, and bring awareness to releasing it. Use a quartz roller or Gua Sha tool to take your skincare ritual up a notch.

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